Cantor Loss Suggests Unique Opportunity

To anyone holding the view that there is no turning back the grip of Statist Elitism and Corporate-Governance take hold and consider the Virginia 7th District results. Yes, Eric Cantor lost (as he should) but consider this:

  • In a District of 750k people, approximately 540k of which are eligible voters, a mere 65,000 actually turned-out.
  • Candidate Brat won by a mere 7,218 votes and speaking terms of particulate matter, this represents only 1.3 percent of the eligible voter total and 11 percent of those who actually voted.
  • What this should mean to a concerned public is that not only does it take a small percentage to win it also suggests that it requires very few abstaining Voters for the People to lose.

What this 7th District outcome illustrates is that if the people are willing to converge it will actually require very little effort (in numbers) to reverse the wholesale raping and pillaging of the nation; if not, it will continue to accelerate until the memory is completely washed.

What we also learn, upon further inspection of the voting matrix, as well is that this was an “open” election and despite the media blathering that this was some sort of Tea Party Coup D’état the actual voter matrix proves something quite different. The voters were not voting political party, they were in fact cross-party line voting for their country and restoration of the common ideal.

The bad news: Expect the DNC to wage war in this district for a mid-term reversal and the placement of a Democratic plagiarist in a seat once held by Republican Eric Cantor.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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