China: The Auction of Self-Preservation!

Not much tea-leave reading required to predict where this is headed. The long-standing lure of hegemony has always proven to be a fast-track tool for conflict; profits are always enticing as is the ease with which self-preservation is auctioned-off in the process.

The West financed the Bolsheviks which gave us Stalin, their “play” over Germany gave us Hitler, Khmer Rouge, a post-Pahlavi Radical Theocracy in Iran along with an entire region in various states of chaos. China is not, on its own, an economic or military powerhouse as some might think however, it has proven itself to be a quick-study pirating technology, from its western accomplices. That has allowed it to apply technological advances with relative ease and without the time and costs of development. You have several Presidents and Senators to thank for projecting this predictable and meddlesome form of failure.

China has no interest in working with the U.S. (Trump Administration) on/over N. Korea and why should they. With only proven stupidity and a willingness to slit its own throat the U.S. Policy Apparatus has long-telegraphed its unwillingness to assert rational and character-based policy. Preferring instead to mimic an elitist form of sophistication which seems to assert that so long as no one objects to the peevish adolescence of our policy-scheme then there can be no doubt that we must be the smartest in the room. Being successful at perpetual failure is not a sign of intelligence, it is however, undeniable proof of weakness.

China, then, has no reason to concern itself with being an ally whether on N. Korea or, for that matter, on any issue of U.S. concern. Pay close attention to this: I expect that Xi Jinping of China is quietly working with Russia’s Putin to create a framework (over N. Korea resolution) that will attempt to outmaneuver the U.S. The only options the U.S. will have, as it presently does, is to work the nuclear nonproliferation angle with hopes of creating an alliance that will counter the China/Russia effort. Thus forcing a U.N. sanction that exposes China/Russia/Iran complicity or the U.S. executes an all-out naval quarantine, execute covert actions inside of N. Korea, suspension of all financial/international trade and if necessary, have IMF suspend all trading/exchange of the Yuan (China), Ruble (Russia), Rial (Iran) and Won (N. Korea). Stay tuned!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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