Conduct Under the Law

While the politicos of race preach the syrupy elixir of fantasy they ignore a far more serious problem. The attributes of mission-creep having corrupted the role of law enforcement and the scope of liberties empowering abuse by the same. In short, when you empower law enforcement with the authority to define for themselves the scope of their powers (under the law) then two outcomes are inevitable:

(1) Confrontation with otherwise law abiding citizens.

(2) The autonomous and arbitrary suspension of the Bill of Rights occurring without and/or outside of judicial action(s) and by those who are theoretically bound to protect and to serve; two perfectly incompatible missions.

Given that the law grants law enforcement with the self-assigned right of discretionary powers then on what grounds should anyone reasonably expect a Grand Jury to recommend an indictment for an act/action endorsed by the law?

Yes, I find it hardly reasonable to be tolerant of any abuse of power however it is far too simplistic to lay blame on law enforcement for expressing a privilege liberally granted by law or thru Judicial breach. Americans, regardless of race, have become far too tolerant of the police state that exists and largely unware that the condition is so pervasive.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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