Creating New Enemies & The Wealth of Conflict

The tell-tail chimes of history repeating itself, for those who chose to listen, are a-ringing; the similarities to the build-up (domestic/geopolitical and economic) to both WW1 & II are striking.

One would think that the tech-savvy means of the day would be an efficient mechanism for alerting the civilian population however Ed Snowden has proven just how dangerous information can be and the thuggery expressed by those who’d rather it be controlled; so much for concepts of Freedom and Constitutional Mandates where the current filter of just how far freedom and liberty can be tolerated is filtered by your “need to know” so long as it’s a lie! In the world of the tyrannical oligarch the options are simple:

Contain the public by whatever means and message necessary and enforce the message by an active and, ideally, extemporaneous threat.

Make the world safe for democracy is a perplexing metaphor particularly when the representative-democracy’s processes are set aside. If the wealth of conflict thru the production of enemies concerns you then pay very close attention to activities involving Iran and the Asian rim (from India around to China on up to N. Korea). Domestically it’s well known that intelligence agencies such as DHS and NSA have been ineffective at their presumed threat-detection mandate which leaves one (or should) to wonder: Who exactly are their targets? None of this is new mind you the only difference, today, is that our cultural disintegration and embracing of numerous electronic tethers has merely made the process so much easier.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: The answer? Refine and Preserve, continuously, your standing as a sovereign and distinct extension and expression of The Creator (says so in the Declaration of Independence) and then refuse to participate in the tolerance of tyranny. Stand for a cause worth perfecting! 

#2: There is, strange as it may seem, a certain comfort to be found with inevitability particularly when you know that eventually a plague ultimately turns on itself!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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