Dems Favor Iran’s Fait Accompli

While no one doubts Iran’s nuclear capacity, its own well-developing military complex or its intentions, it remains quite a quandary as to why Congress, regardless of party affiliation, refuses to soundly repel the President’s efforts which, in effect, represents an open endorsement of Iran’s destabilizing influences. Mr. Obama has proven his disruptive policy brand, the imprint of which is global in its scope and will prove its lasting malignancy for decades to come; all, by the way, licensed by Congress’s political grace.
So what is it that China, France, Russia, the U.K. and Germany gain while being companions to this fabulous death march? They receive a blanket release of U.N. Sanctions creating open access to Iran for military arms sales, nuclear technology transfer and financial services. All the while Iran gets a much needed bump in regime-validation, economic and military related rewards; all of this nicely packaged, thanks to Mr. Obama and his allies in Congress, with absolute release of liability.
Rest assured that Iran is going (and I would argue that they already have) to cross-the-line and the P5 are counting on a future American President having to arm-up and address the issue, largely on its own, and with in-country resources. Obama of course will be out of office and the American public’s memory Obama of course will be out of office and the American public’s memory will save his allies in Congress from their just due.
There was and remains a more appropriate method; expand the sanctions and if you must, surgically target their nuclear proliferating sites. Of course there are security risks, but hereto you have the Obama-disrupt-and-degenerate-Administration open-boarder policy to thank. At no point, in the 230 plus years of American history, has this country been so completely encircled by such persistent failure than has occurred over the last 6 plus years; not even George, Jr. managed such extremes.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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