Economic Hegemony

The process has been creeping forward for quite some time; slight of motion seemingly inconsequential and yet always advancing. For most Americans there’s little difficulty grasping that something is wrong as the suffering, from decades of misinformation and the suspension of individual responsibility, continues.

Sanders and Trump are not the problem; they’re merely the froth from a rather toxic blend of chemical additives and thus a predictable necessity, one might even say they are the effect of cause.

Dysfunctional domestic agendas and deeply divisive trade/economic policies warp the more favorable organic occurrences and yet with no objection they too become inevitable. As the only voices heard, voice directives to their favor and so we, at present, find ourselves consumed by a discordant environment.

No one dare claim responsibility for yet each are certain someone else is to blame for it. Hegemony, economic or otherwise, is all about control: 

1.         You want to control public habit? Compress and redefine the objects of choice.

2.         You want to control what people do? Regulate alternatives.

3.         You want to control what people think? Control information.

4.         You want to control wealth? Obligate/restrict Individual (the Public’s) resources.

5.         You want to constrict distributive wealth? Relocate its engine.

6.         You want to control people? Encourage and then enforce dependency.

7.         You want to control influence? Prey upon the weaknesses of your target.

8.         You want to control the breadth of social unity? Deconstruct the organic foundations and unifying nature of faith.

9.         You want to vaporize Freedom and its expressing force of Liberty? Do any of the above.

 Homogenous deprivation is the outcome where the supremacy of the Individual is replaced with  desensitized masses intoxicated by the seed of division within its own ranks. These are the forces the American People are facing. The following, I believe attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville is  powerfully relevant, particularly the manner in which an Individual can be adulterated by a force that is not readily apparent: “A sane man must appear insane in an insane society lest he be perceived as being insane.” Time to put an end to the insanity.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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