Egypt: The Pawn of Relativism

“God made man in his own image….” is a phrase that most folks familiar with the Old Testament will easily recognize.  For many years I accepted the phrase as a matter of fact yet as time continued its predictable march forward I discovered and acquired a entirely different interpretation; that is to say, a completely different understanding. For me it occurred somewhat serendipitously on the occasion when I would observe an artist painting or when reading the novel The Agony and The Ecstasy and being taken by Michael Angelo’s response when asked how he was able to create works of art from a simple block of marble. Confessing in advance that my recollection of his response is rather vague, I am prone to rest for the moment on the following version: I hold an image in my mind and remove the excess marble until its likeness is revealed.   

In short, in this simple statement he intimates, for me, a rather provocative thought; that true creativity occurs in the mind and that all that is produced, in physical form or action, is the likeness (or image) of the creative process. Perhaps an alternate way of conveying the notion I intend appears in this way: That which is created is simply the physical expression or event of an image held only in the silent momentum of mind and thus, whatever is created inevitably contains the unmistakable imprint of its imagineer.  Refined even further: First I imagined you! This was the greatest effort, then all that occurred from there was to simply release the forces required for your likeness to be revealed. 

You may be asking yourself; what does all this have to do with Egypt? The simplest way to direct my intentions is to begin with a few points of interests: 

  1. Understand that the Middle East, including much of the North African continent, as you see it today is the product of some rather creative imagineering by the British and French shortly after WWI.
  2. From the 15th Century until annexation by the Europeans, the Middle East was largely the domain of the Ottoman Empire; a mix of Arab and Persian ancestry the majority of which were Muslim.  And,
  3. Equally important is that despite the appearance of the newly created fiefdoms of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and so on appearing as sovereign States, not only would it be foolish to believe that there exists a foundation for democratic evolution, it would also require complete ignorance of the fact that the entire region is marked, historically, with native nomadic and rich tribal histories that continue to this very day and posses absolutely know deference to or tendencies toward political entrails or intrigue. 

True, I originally intended to avoid commentary on the recent events in Egypt however after watching and reading dangerously inept media coverage I began to question whether or not there was a deliberate collusion-of-ignorance at play.  Still, I was only tempted at least until I heard a sound-bit of Sen. John McCain at which point, with my rather solid command of history and an intuitive sense that there is no such thing as coincidence in the arena of money and politics, I began to take a closer look in an effort to confirm my native intuition. Here are a few confirmed points of order and personal commentaries which I believe are keenly relevant: 

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) has historically proven to be integral to the resurgence of the hereditary notion of the caliphate, the institution of political theocracy (Muslim-based). I doubt one needs look much further than Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq to observe their influences in action.
  2. The Obama Administration has held several meetings with the MB, the first of which took place in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo back in 2009.  The discussions were focused on the future political structure in a post-Mubarak Egypt.  A bit of advance planning? Gives an entirely new perspective on the notion that the uprising occurred “…without warning!” 
  3. There have been several reports stating “…Mubarak-hired horse and camel-backed thugs charge defenseless protestors!” yet neglect to mention that the Mubarak regime is favorably backed by the Egyptian Military and would have no need of such tactics.  Interesting side-note: Days before and through February 2nd, the Egyptian Military Leadership was in the U.S. for “…pre-arranged meetings with U.S. Military Leaders.”  What better way to stall a timely response than to re-direct the very force that could have discouraged violence.
  4. Many should question, much in the manner which should have occurred with Ayatollah Khomeini, the sudden popularity of Mohamed ElBaradei and his undeniable ties with the MB. Coincidence? There are many other points to consider however I will conclude with the one I find most tantalizing and conspicuous as to the vice of relativism;
  5. George Soros has taken to the media outlets encouraging Obama in support of “…the enthusiasm sweeping across the Middle East.”  After all his own words express his personal and well-refined ballast, he is after all “…a committed advocate of democracy and open society.”  Of course he fails to add; So long as it affords me the privilege to define what opportunities, for personal gain, are created by democratizing a newly created open society!  How noble the words of a well-equipped carpetbagger and devout opportunist particularly when he’s nothing to loose by encouraging the spilling of an unsuspecting pawns blood. 

For a nation, any Nation to understand the rewards of Freedom they must first have had to engaged in the life and death struggle to perfect them. Much as the memory of this Nations own struggle for freedom fades, we too observe very similar attributions of how a nation of pawns becomes only the expression of the committed relativist. Whether in the astutely ignorant elitism of Obama or the sadist-like impressions of the inept media and political personalities, we witness first-hand the creative process projecting its well crafted image upon the physical realm and it sickens me to the point of utter contempt as it should you as well.

An appropriate comment from Volume II of the Blind Vision Series: Value Given, Value Received

“…the once lasting image, having lost the valiant, silently fades and imagines no more!” 

There is no great mystery to what is occurring in the Middle East as well as right here in the U.S. Like our Fed-based monetary policy, our incompetent and hopelessly dysfunctional political partisans, the illusions of miss-direction, complexity and mire are used only to conceal what otherwise should be so blatantly obvious: 

“There’s Value in the Crisis of Coincidence!” 

And the relativists mantra, 

“We don’t mind, because you don’t matter!” 

For me I imagine an outcome quite different than what these comments might suggest.  For my regular readers it will be familiar, for those who are just awakening, it should appear as a provocation: 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!” 

There is simply no other way! 

By the way, do take the time to read a fabulous companion to this offering. It is a recent effort of mine titled: The Hu Doctrine

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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