Crashing the Boarder & The Politics of Abrasion

The pure essence of the Declaration of Independence rests on one very basic standard; the sacred preeminence of human life. Remove this single foundational element and the entire formula fails. The political calculus of this country has become so abrasive that for, merely, the animus of Party/Targeted Gain the entirety of so rich a promise is so easily tossed over and trampled by a rush that is so clearly destructive.

It may appear as a dysfunctional component of this Nations Immigration Policy however this is not the case; the truth is far more divisive and the tip of this mammoth mountain of dung is the captious use of the term, “Dreamers”; this school of thought, this monument to the politics of abrasion, is traced directly to the Obama Administration.

Immigration Policy should never be about race but that’s exactly what the Administration is courting as its favored argument. Immigration Policy should never be about who should be entitled to citizenship but more so to the preservation of the host; after all what matters the number if the entire lot suffers? Not a one is served well if all that’s left are the spoils.

What is the outcome? Instead of integration we have run-away disintegration, instead of economic growth we have a diminishing middle-class and an exploding slave-class. Where this Nation has managed to control the rampant spread of disease we are now exposed to an entirely new series of outbreaks; instead of allegiance to the sacred common-ideal we self-diminish the standard in favor of sub-culture rancor and the predators who feed on race-based warfare.

Where the purpose of the ideal is to draw one another to the higher-purpose imbedded in our founding documents we’ve surrendered to the appeal of the political mutation known only as the lowest-possible-common-denominator and then, while enduring the cost, we apathetically step aside as the decay marches on. Once again, the false premise, having attempted its perverse reality simulation, predictably fails. The system will one day be fixed but first we will need to accept that it is the American people who have endorsed its breakup.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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