Facebook Trending IS the Trend

TIMF participates in FB as part of its messaging campaign; end of story. It has never been expected, by me or staff, that FB was, not unlike Google, anything more than what it is and likely more than what many might suspect.

It has long been the case, which few would suspect otherwise, that anyone with sufficient influence and money can “plant” a story, strategically place an operative, distort or assert a bias in any structure, enterprise, government bureaucracy and/or etc. So why then would anyone think it were any less likely that FB or any other electronic/online facility weren’t subject to bending or being bent in much the same way.

Think of this; the thousands of people who willingly submit personal samples for DNA tracking, not realizing that they are creating one massive, trackable, database that not only exposes them to a breach in personal privacy, but their family members as well. It is absolutely the case that while many rejoice in the seemingly ascendant nuance of the ever-expanding techno-online-handheld world they are completely ignorant that they are accelerating their own enslavement. 

It is, my last point, absolutely the case that FB, like Google (and many others), are data collecting, sentiment tracking mechanisms – the technological equivalent of behavior by ranking type statistical sampling – used not only to track “trends” but to fertilize seed-trends (“trend-seeding”). These facilities are not only tracking what you think, they are also planting “trends” strategically to affect the manner in which you think about what you are thinking and to break-down your native thought structure by introducing “issues” – infused with a subliminal bias – you’d never think to think of; gender-biased restrooms is a recent example.

We know this is the case and the most conspicuous evidence is easily noted by and in the manner media outlets parrot FB/Google trends and how little media outlets trend topics they themselves generate. Why have the FEDs been so virulent in targeting Apple over its privacy-tech? Simple; they want to close the loop on data generation (the likes of FB, Google, etc.) and the mechanisms that transmit/store the data.

I find it a bit ironic that FB Counsel, in an extensive reply to Sen. John Thune, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee probing the allegations of bias, would claim there is no bias in the FB trending schematics, but then go to great lengths in describing how they are going to send employees out for retraining so that they would discontinue certain practices; “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” comes to mind.

And, oh yes, just what the ineffective government blood-letting system needs, yet another investigation with no plausible and effective outcome worthy of measure from and/or for the benefit of a system desperately attempting to preserve and defend itself from a public too distracted and disinterested to care. Yes indeed, to advance the mediocritizing of the human mind and its environment is a most noble cause.  


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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