Fox GOP Debate Attempts to Reshuffle the Order

Very frustrating viewing experience as Fox News Anchors selectively target certain candidates (Kasich/Carsten/Trump/Cruz) with questions that have nothing to do with the capacity to deliver the type of leadership this country desperately needs. All the while tossing light-weight questions to RNC favorites (Bush/Cruz/Christie) who are in desperate need of breaking free of their self-imposed anonymity.

I find, as should you, that Bret Baer’s opening question leveled at Trump as to whether or not he’d take an oath to defend and support the GOP designee, a complete dereliction of intellect. What right does Fox have to assert an order which, if followed, assures a mediocre outcome that restricts a candidate and/or the electorate as to what course their political course might take? Apparently the Fox News Panel (Baer/Kelly/Wallace) has anointed itself as the keeper of a political order, the dysfunction of which is at the very heart of this nation’s problems.

Many see Donald Trump as a self–obsessed egomaniac however, I see his involvement on far different terms (which doesn’t necessarily require him to win a nomination). His involvement is proving extraordinarily beneficial to a process, one that the American people have clearly abandoned, and on these terms:

(1) he’s forcibly exposing the serious defects in the political order

(2) he is, and this will be more prominent in time, forcing a powerful distinction which will expose the GOP Rino’s for what they are and raise the truly better Candidates to higher level of exposure.

Repeating well-rehearsed sound-bites is not a statement of capacity or have they rarely proven to be deliverable promises. I believe that the American public needs to get their hands around this simple truth and refuse to be a part of the very order that has proven, as seen by What It Does, to be a complete failure.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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