Happy New Year 2018!

At each ending appears an option, a New Beginning. In the end one ultimately arrives at the defining cross-road; do I dare the seemingly impossible or do I surrender. The great ruse of mankind is to believe there is a middle ground, that there is a state of sufficient, acceptable or consensus: they don’t exist, they’re only illusions of the human mind set about to anesthetize the individual into believing both that arrival is unnecessary and effortless. In the animal/human kingdom stasis is simply not feasible, it’s not real.

Life is not pain, life is not lawless, and life is not of no purpose it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Life is context and contrast as the universe is structured and full of infinite potential. Wherever there is madness there are Humans acting in conflict with forces in abundance. When you ignore or attempt to redefine context and contrast (cause & effect) we welcome dysfunction. When one attempts to redefine or re-structure order you achieve dysfunction (pain). And, when you do not express purpose through one’s infinite potential there is no choice but for the presence of infinite potential to diminish, to recede.

The truth in this simple observation is conspicuous in our family and the world around us. We do not escape, ever, the consequence of choices made or ignored. We are forever burdened by the unknown good our indifference silences.

As one approaches a defining cross-road it is obvious the importance of making a correct choice; it is even more important to never turn back once you’ve made it! Still, there is the lingering torment, the type, I believe, is universal in that I believe we all struggle with understanding why it appears that there are so few people willing to stand with you, to stand for a cause worth perfecting and simultaneously preserving and yet, in the very depths of your heart, you know you can never turn back, you can never erase what, intuitively, one knows is the supremely perfect expression of purpose: It is singular intention, it is uniquely a choice you make on your own, the discovery and acknowledgment of who you are and why you are here and ultimately the understanding that you cannot, not ever, turn back or turn away from it. It is your destiny.

I don’t believe in the Angry God theory, I believe in the God theory that says something like this: “I have made you to be precisely as I designed you. I have equipped you with all things necessary to pursue and to bring about my own heart’s desire and with it, like me, the capacity to accomplish whatever you can imagine. I’ve created all things, the process and order of things, thoughts, structures, means and events enabling each to occur and like ME, you must follow the structures in order to yield the intended outcome, after all, this is my doing, the product of my mind and one you must discover to be unchangeable. I will wait on you as I too must yield to the truth that while I have provided you untold strengths in mind and form, I have also imbed within you one significant and remarkable blessing distinguishing you, uniquely, from all other created – the ability to discern and having done so know that I must also surround you with an infinite device; my eternal grace. Still, be compelled by this one remaining and fundamental absolute: That in the processes of your discerning understand that I had no alternative but to leave the outcome, ultimately, up to you.”

Happy New Year!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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