Tis the Season so be your Gift!

I’m thinking that the reason for why the world’s in such a mess is mostly because there are an insufficient number of folks interested in doing anything about it.

Cultures, Societies, and Nations ultimately fail largely because they lose, in ever increasing numbers, the singular potency of the Individual, the irreplaceable identity of what is Sacred, of Sovereign, of the Billions and Billions of One-And-Only’ s (You) that have, over time, come and gone.

While we may find safety within the community of the horde it requires only the singular exercise of One to incites movement, to introduces or exposes a thought into action, an imagined image into form and so on; we ought not to lose sight of this truth.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be surrounded, influenced and muted by a dystopian community, predators who skillfully prey on mankind’s single greatest weakness (a misguided ego) while they drive the message of blissful cohesion they simultaneously feed the powerplant with the combustible refuse of division, the disorder that prefers the fashionability of all and of anything that can be or become seen as being fashionable and yet remain totally indifferent to the randomness and savagery of it all in part because it’s just so much easier to comply with the absurd than it is to risk offending its messenger or even worse, risk being ostracized for standing on the side of truth or pushing back against any form of lunacy that finds mediocrity tolerable.

The root cause of this peristaltic-psychosis is that we just can’t seem to grasp the significant influences that each of the following have on the whole, upon the Community of the Sacred One, the Individual:

(1) Media overload fueling social disintegration; you know you are being tutored into submission and yet you find no reason to be offended by it or to challenge its occurrence.

(2) How the field of synthetic detachment, engaged by the allure of failed analytics/random policy, political correctness, technologies and rancid fantasies, has become its own New Order of Thought, the community of emptiness meant to indulge every frame in the neo-optimistic theater of transcendent impulse. And,

(3) Much of the world is now trapped within the boundaries of this grand simulation; a simulation of errant thoughts and beliefs generating fear, loathing and spiritual and intellectual poverty.

To what purpose one might ask? Well of course it’s pretty much as you expect: To keep the Individual(s) affixed to the mass simulation. Yes, it is truly that misery does indeed love company and the fact is that we are always moving forward toward having to make the ultimate choice: either to an absolute state of understanding or to remain in the simulation until you choose not to.

Humans are, by design of common origin, inextricably linked to one another in so many ways and at so many levels such that if you were to alter any one of these connections or conditions you affect the whole. We can discuss any number of explanations for or the meanings of the Christmas Celebration after all Tis the Season. Fortunately my readers will not have to endure the labor of my long-winded temptation however I would like to cover what I believe to be the heart of the issue and so I ask that you indulge me for a few moment more as I offer an additional thought:

Jesus the Christ was (by design and intention) made manifest some 2000 plus years ago and he brought with him, also as designed and intended, a unique and fantastic gift. A gift that could only be made manifest not by emotion but by the expression of an ideal through the only medium universally possible and universally relevant; by/thru his and only his actions. His entire life was an exhibition of a single ideal that prior to his appearance seemed anonymous, held in suspension awaiting his arrival and the recording of his life’s work. The Christmas Celebration, for me, has become a reminder of the Gift that Jesus continues to represent and serves as a reminder that we too have been assigned a similar gift. A Gift we must express thru action and until we do so it remains anonymous and held in suspension until such time as you are prepared to present it to the world around you.

In this medium it is not possible for me to tell you what your Gift is however I can, with absolute certainty, assure that you are integral to the process of mankind evolving. You are Integral! You are the keeper of a Gift, a specific intention designed specifically by the Creator as your part in the masterful process that is Creation ever evolving.

Eventually we all will accept our fulfillment responsibilities and yet we must never forget that the world, our fellow humans, and the evolution of the entire process occurring remains incomplete and in a state of longing until you do. How do we ignite our desire to move forward? What defines the medium, the interactive conduit containing one’s motive-powers that once ignited translates thought into action and at a speed compatible with one’s sense of urgency? Your character is the source of this motive-power. Your character expands with increased awareness of your divinity, your connection to the whole and the understanding and acceptance of your integral role in the ever-evolving plan of creation occurring and reoccurring again and again and as it multiplies so does its ability to aid you in the filtering through the illusions and disinformation ever refining your powers of discernment.

Essentially, one’s character is a recording, a record over time of our perfecting advancements over our lesser selves; a record of our chosen actions. Ours is a task of practicing our abilities to express our many gifts and by encouraging one another to do the same and as we lift the entirety of creation ever closer to its perfect design. At our very best, our greatest blessing is our ability to set a standard, to demonstrate as a beacon of light we gift to one another.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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