Impeachment – Senate Must Censure House Leadership!

For those who’ve been trained to hate Trump, as well as the imbedded Statists and the associated Elite who make up the “Never-Trumpers” , yes I get it but understand this: You are NOT empowered with the unilateral authority for making changes to the Constitution by fiat action.

It doesn’t appear to me that Americans are clear as to what is taking place; an open attempt to forever alter the U.S. Constitution without the required consent of the States and by extension, the Citizens thereof. Think of it, if this misadventure is allowed to perfect its standing any future party in power will hereafter be able, for any reason, to Impeach a President who will then have no right or powers to protect the Office of the President, the President him/herself or the plenary of duties and/or confidential affairs he/she must conduct as the Nations Head of State!

“… they will have authenticated or lent credibility to the House’s actions and this MUST NEVER happen.”

The American People need to understand that the Founding Fathers were, to a man, clear that this Country’s greatest threat would not come from a foreign source but in the dissolution of the Nation’s Founding Ideals. History illustrates precisely why the American Representative form of government is so unique and potent (and why all previous and collateral attempts at self-government did or would ultimately fail) and that is because it is built upon the potency and promise that the Ideal was achievable and set about an order of government deliberately designed to enable its perfecting. And yet, they were practical-realists and knew well the price of protecting and preserving the effort and they went to great lengths to find every possible way to filter-out the risk of failure and their writings express their efforts and prescriptions in excruciating detail.

It is absolutely the case that the forces driving Pelosi, Nadler & Schiffer are, to be clear, representative of the very “risk” Messrs. Jay, Hamilton and Adam’s (Federalist Papers) feared.

If the Senate entertains or engages in any aspect/process that would suggests a “hearing” then by that act alone they will have authenticated or lent credibility to the House’s actions and this MUST NEVER happen.

Still, it is simply not enough for the Senate to deny or repel this attempt with a simple dismissal; yes of course the Senate MUST, absolutely, dismiss the Articles of Impeachment but they MUST ALSO and concurrent with the same adopt a resolution formally Censuring Rep. Pelosi, Rep. Schiff and Rep. Nadler if only as a reminder to any future politically intoxicated turd that though shalt not mess, ever, with the U.S. Constitution without first engaging in a thorough review/discourse and consideration of matter at issue and then and only then, seek approval, from the People, by way of the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution itself.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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