Iran as seen past the Gruber-Method

A nation long bent on thermo-nuclear capability; a totalitarian theocracy ruled by a misanthropic penchant for distortion; defined by a term known as “threshold nuclear power” when in fact it’s well past “threshold” state; refined stock of material (undisclosed and miss-reported) requiring a mere 2-3 weeks for further refinement to fuel at least 1 (some reports suggest as many as 7) warhead(s); a direct regional threat that will require an absolute military response by the U.S. (Saudi Arabia defense agreement).

Question: Why would the Iranian regime negotiate away their advantage? Answer: They can agree to anything with no intent of ever complying. Yes, were it not for repeated U.S. and British Foreign Policy fouls the Ayatollah would never have been however, we’re now long past mistakes. Negotiated camouflage is no solution. No more Nukes; anywhere!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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