Jorge Ramos; Just another Deception in Race-Based Activism

The distinction of skin color has proven to be a marvelous political tool. It has vaulted the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to wealth and political prominence while doing nothing for the real issues families-of-color face leaving them with a false image of the problems and the causal forces behind them.

Ramos is just such a pagan intellect. A most venomous type serving his own interest and the market capital of his employer. All the while warping the perspectives of his audience who, due to their dominant language being Spanish, have no understanding for the dynamics of the immigration issue in this Country and the fundamentals of what the American Experience (historical and in legal terms) entails.

Lecherous bias such as the type exhibited by Ramos tether the immigration issue to being the equal to blatant racism and as such he is creating a radicalized animus that ignores a most basic truth: The American people are not troubled by race however, they are furious over the open and willful breaking of this Nation’s laws and the politicizing of the immigration issue and the political operatives who do nothing to address it.

Ramos never asks a question, he’s not even a journalist. All he wanted was to create a sparring match with Trump purely for polarizing purposes. He (Ramos) is, in fact, a malignant egotist.  Ramos did more to enhance Trump’s image than he realizes.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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