Khizr Kahn; the Face of the DNC Fraud you know!

Mr. Kahn may believe that sacrificing their son to the butchery of Radical Islam is a form of patriotism, but how much of a patriot makes a goodly portion of his career abusing an already defective immigration system to facilitate entry of Muslims into the U.S.? How desperate must the DNC be to troll the dregs for a sloth such as this?

Today, Kahn’s law firm pulled its website, but not before screen-shots were taken documenting Kahn’s procurement of EB5 visas and other related immigration services. The EB5 program, well documented and known for the programs rampant corruption, is used by wealthy foreigners – a high percentage of which are from the Middle East – essentially buying their way into the U.S.

Kahn, like his benefactors, is no more a worthy American Patriot than the Mullah’s in Tehran and to bank favors with the DNC by leveraging his own son’s death exposes the depths of his own duplicity and the ease with which he dishonors his own Son.

The Clinton’s ties, across party lines, at various levels of government and commerce across the globe, represents a literal threat to the future of this Country and this cabal of misfits along with their control of your life needs to be stopped; period!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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