Masquerading as a Solution!

There’s an opportunity in Charleston. An opportunity for something profoundly good to rise out of a deeply troubling event. The prospects of  an outcome, that although will never restore life to those who’ve been taken, it will nonetheless give them each a lasting purpose that few who live out the entirety of their allotted time rarely, if ever, achieve.

It is for this reason I am not yet prepared to drop the topic, not yet anyway, and so I must ask you a few questions: Does the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag eliminate the well-spring from which race-pandering draws its fuel? At what point does the line in the sand, between reason and hyperbole, become an observed boundary?  Do you really, does anyone REALY believe it’s about a Flag? No, intuitively, you know better!

The reason is clear. It’s a human (not a flag) issue and one which will never resolve until we regularly observe a man/women willingly chastising another for promoting a racist act. When a parent, friend or associate of a damaged mind (a Dylan Roof) openly and willingly acts in an effort to throttle back, to redirect the thought processes and/or prejudices enslaving a troubled mind. When the black community no longer permits itself to be disadvantaged by political, social, economic and media opportunists who continue to enslave the mind of an entire culture into believing and accepting that race is merely an article of subjugation when it is, like the entire pallet of color, one of the many perfect and integral expressions of Creation. When the black community no longer accepts that it is the victimized lesser part, but a necessary component of the entire complex that makes up the whole of humanity.

Then we’ll know and understand why a flag is nothing more than a substitute for the better part of our ideal. Then we’ll understand that purity in action needs no culprit, no banner and no offers of quartering for either the plagiarists or the opportunists! We can get this right; we must forever be willing to expose any problem masquerading itself as a solution! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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