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Masquerading as a Solution!

There’s an opportunity in Charleston. An opportunity for something profoundly good to rise out of a deeply troubling event. The prospects of  an outcome, that although will never restore life to those who’ve been taken, it will nonetheless give them each a lasting purpose that few who live out the entirety of their allotted time rarely, if ever, achieve.

It is for this reason I am not yet prepared to drop the topic, not yet anyway, and so I must ask you a few questions: Does the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag eliminate the well-spring from which race-pandering draws its fuel? At what point does the line in the sand, between reason and hyperbole, become an observed boundary?  Do you really, does anyone REALY believe it’s about a Flag? No, intuitively, you know better!

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Not About a Flag

Actions speak in ways words fail and when, in the case where there is no prohibition of moral conscience, the outcome is rarely considerate of consequence. The horrific actions in Charleston are no more an extension of Slavery than were the events in Baltimore, Nigeria or Ferguson; they are the result of a culture that no longer places value on the divinity of human life.

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