Media, Politics & Discreet Indiscretions

“Neither light of day nor veil of darkness burdens the ambitious. Quite openly the Counsel forms to shape and ply its course of discreet indiscretions. Should ye choose to be consumed by their whit or derailed by misdirection is of no matter; ignorance is the preferred elixir of supreme device at whose pillar all objections fail and become no more. And still more than some would simply rather not know to know of the ambitious ambitions.”

Ambitious ambitions indeed! Surely few will disagree that the American conscience is being overwhelmed with a sort of media saturation bombing decidedly in favor of preserving the status quo. Strategically dosing the public with meaningless drivel relating to the Presidents Bus Tour, vacation and upcoming soon-to-be-released but not yet formulated Job Creation de jour Stimulus Part: tbd, the various Financial Market convulsions complete with incoherent analysis and the ever faithful one-fix-fixes-all Tax the Rich Class Warfare schemes each with no regard for the simple truth that none of these are newsworthy or relevant to the greater issues at hand.

While this Country continues hemorrhaging economically, fiscally, politically, geographically, globally and socially the best we can seem to accomplish is a continued  over-reliance on a process (media) that is incapable and unwilling of faithfully informing the public preferring an obsequious alignment with a political system that routinely bends reason the most recent exhibition being the concentration of its own chronic failures into the hands of an apostolic-like twelve member Super-Committee. Is it any wonder the People’s regard for their public institutions are at historic lows? 

This past week Senator Coburn (R-Ok) made news with several relevant remarks with his most important point being with reference to the Nation’s economic and financial crisis. In his own words: “We have less than 16 months to fix this. I can promise you that come July you’re going to see some tough, tough stuff in this country.”  In the same narrative he went on to describe his colleagues as “a class of career elitists” and “cowards,” and by further venting of his frustrations he stated, “It’s just a good thing I can’t pack a gun on the Senate floor.” I believe it’s fair to say that there are others who feel much the same as he does.

Now then to my point: Whereas the most valuable commodity would have been to focus on the substantive component of the Senators comments the ever vigilant and socially conscious Media ringmasters opted for Representative Carolyn McCarthy’s (D-NY) scolding of Coburn apparently considering her verbal bludgeoning of the Senator far more newsworthy.

Then of course the most conspicuous of all discreet indiscretions occurred in Ames Iowa; the deliberate news blackout of Rep. Ron Paul’s Straw Poll success. One might find it interesting to note that in order to attend and vote in the Ames Poll an attendee must purchase a $30 ticket and with this point as an aside, it is of great significance to consider that Bachmann’s first place (4,823 votes) outcome is directly related to the fact that her campaign committee gave away 6000 of these tickets! I find in a testament to Ron Paul’s broad and growing appeal that he achieved a second place (4,671 votes) without having to resort to such questionable vote-capturing techniques.

Still Congressmen Paul remains an anonymous 2nd Place Candidate and the Media is quite conspicuous in their efforts to exclude him from the Top-Tier metaphor despite the fact that the Congressmen has single handedly transfigured the political dialogue; once seen as an eccentric idealist now every current candidate, including those that are either new to the game or simply taking the run for the office under consideration, incorporate many of his philosophies into their pseudo-libertarian speak.

At a time when so many government-induced failures have and continue to scar our national landscape few should be prone to argue preservation of the status quos discreet indiscretions a worthy course of action. Further, whether one is a Ron Paul advocate or not clearly by the mere fact that so many candidates are now parroting his ideals one must conclude a relative degree of merit exists. Well, to the issues as they are, merit alone is entirely insufficient; necessity however is quite another and far more compelling motive.

Although I am not in agreement with his view on the gold-standard I do however share his contempt for this Nations monetary policy and while a few of his social policies may raise an eyebrow or two now and then all should find comfort in his command of the U.S. Constitution. As a far more affective barometer for gauging what might otherwise appear as social policy eccentricities, citing his deference to this Nations structural compass should be a relief to most. The Systems chiding of Ron Paul is not because he is eccentric or that his views possess no merit; no in fact it is more likely they fear exposing their substantive ignorance as to his superior perspectives and if they were to engage him faithfully the System risks having to surrender their conspicuous preference for having no standard to uphold or one to which they might be held accountable.

It is undeniable that the Counsel rather prefers an ignorant and uninformed Public; you’re far more controllable and malleable in that state however one must be very clear that whether in an anesthetized state of ignorance, either by choice or by default, none will escape the consequences of national failure. What does Sen. Coburn see on the horizon that more than some would simply rather not know to know? Here are a few of the more immediate issues of concern:

  1. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) this past week reported that the year-over-year inflation rate is now 3.63%; the highest rate of inflation since October 2008. To illustrate how quickly inflation pressures are accelerating, even the Governments figures a 230% increase in just the last eight months. If you remove gov’t selective adjustments, the real rate is closer to 8%.
  2. I have always had issues with Gold as an investment largely because of how susceptible commodity markets are to manipulation however because the Financial Markets suffer for and from the very same risks, Gold price trends are a very effect tool for inflationary trend analysis. Thus, as a secondary proof in support of the inflationary spiral now underway, the fact that Gold is trading “up” 23% since June 2011 illustrates the Financial Medias deliberate misinformation that suggests nominal inflation risks.
  3. As we’ve long asserted that inflation is not a substitute for real economic growth, the now spiraling out of control price inflation, in conjunction with further upward movement in gold, will illustrate just how over-valued the speculative equity markets have become. The result is inescapable which is to say that a massive equities market sell-off is inevitable followed by a (predictable) correction in the Gold Markets which will likely occur within twelve months thereafter. This occurs for several reasons but mostly due to the fact that few give just consideration to the fact that Gold Markets do not trade physical gold; what the Bullion Markets actually trades are merely derivatives.  Surprised?
  4. The recent Debt-Ceiling debate which gave life to the Super-Committee routine accomplished only two things: It pre-approved an immediate debt-limit increase of as much as $2.4 Trillion while requiring the so-called equal cuts be spread out over 10 years. And, it created a Committee charged with cutting spending that has no hope of ever approaching true debt-reduction or reconciliation. Moreover, this specious agreement has done nothing to curtail the mandatory spending that will continue to produce budget deficits that over the same 10-year period will amass an additional $13 Trillion in Deficits and an equal amount of Debt to pay for it. If, as it appears likely to occur, the economy continues to contract and gov’t revenues along with it, this number could easily become $18 Trillion. If the President persists in extending the Payroll Tax Holiday then one should expect that the Federal revenue plunge will only accelerate.
  5. Merging the expected sell-off in the markets with the increased debt-load at the Federal & State level then one is left with no other alternative than to expect the Federal Reserve to resort to the only remaining choice – as the correct alternative is in direct opposition to the favored preservation of the Status Quo: More flooding of the economy/markets with money that will serve only to further fuel inflationary spiraling, a.k.a., QE et cetera.
  6. At the present time, the E.U. Central Bank, in conjunction with E.U. Member States, is considering their own version of Quantitative Easing under the guise of issuing “Joint Euro-Bonds” similar in form to U.S. Treasuries. The E.U., long the benefactor of discreet indiscretions by the Federal Reserve who has taken to liberally migrating Trillions of Dollars to the E.U. Central Bank and the Central Banks of many E.U. Member States, are moving ever closer to the inflationary cliff due in part to their own failed economic and social policies as well as the saturation of the global markets with U.S. Currency. The collateral risk to the U.S. Government and Banking System of an E.U. Banking System failure cannot be overstated.

So you see, if only from these few points alone, the U.S. is moving quickly into uncharted waters and now more than ever a decidedly steady hand-at-the-helm is required. One wrong move or ambitious indiscretion can have severe consequences and the American People are not sufficiently in-tune or in-touch with the environmental risks. This Nation will NOT emerge from this storm unscathed as we’ve let far too many failures of conscience, social policy and economic discipline to go and remain unresolved. We’ve traded our civic duty for convenient ignorance relying instead on political demagoguery and there’s no escaping the consequential effects of having done so. The next series of elections will not be over Party, it will be over a choice of futures; yours or there’s and our People are going to have to do a few things to which most are not accustomed to: inquire, evaluate, study, deliberate intelligently and pray for guidance.

There are only two possible options: One is very difficult and the other is near unthinkable as to consequent for the American People and their intended form of government. In their most basic form, they appear as follows:

  • Move immediately to restore U.S. Economic Independence and abandon Global Banking ties. Remove all Entitlement Policy from the control of Federal & State Governments. Abandon the Internal Revenue Code and reformulate Growth Based Revenue Generating mechanisms in its place. Eliminate all Federal Industry Subsidies. Flat Tax and National Sales Tax concepts are far too difficult to control and one has only to look at how States abuse these concepts to understand their weakness. For more specific economic policy suggestions I recommend reading Volume III of the Blind-Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. Matter of fact, you’d do well to read the entire Series.


  • Allow the events to continue as they are and permit the long-planned absorption of the once sovereign U.S. into a Global Currency and Economic Union and prepare yourself for total submission to the Global State. If you think this is unthinkable then clearly you’ve no idea how much of this plan is already in place.

Save for Rep. Ron Paul, there is not one single candidate currently in the ring or standing just outside of it functionally capable of addressing any of these issues. They are, simply put, ill-equipped for the task. Although they have been well groomed by the Establishment, tied for the least capable are Messrs. Romney and Perry followed by Rep. Bachmann. Sen. Santorum is a possible but frankly he’s still too rhetoric-heavy and his preference for preserving messianic foreign policy routines does worry me. On the very same point, to be quite honest, Ron Paul’s grasp of U.S. Foreign Entanglements, right behind his Constitutional reliance, is to my mind one of his (Sen. Paul) greatest strengths.

Americans need to be reminded that although the Office of the Presidency is an important position as to National Leadership, the Office is far too easily accessed and has become a never ending source of national divide. Extremes of this office can only be contained by the Congress and with eternal vigilance on the part of each States Governors and Attorney Generals operating in concert. As the November 2012 Election draws near it is time to express your influence; it is time to Stand4 a future worthy of this Nation’s Founding Ideals and it is time for American’s to Stand4 and look out for one another. The time for partisan bickering and class warfare hyperbole expired with the emergence rampant divisiveness and self-indulgent rancor.

The time for accepting, as a fait accompli, the surrendering of ones unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is now at an end.

“You are the Ultimate Mechanism for Affecting, the very Cause of Giving Life to the Truly Remarkable. Yours is a Cause worth Perfecting!”

What becomes of this Nation will record ones measure of faithfulness to its Ideals. I suggest you make your effort count! After all:

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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