Obama Budget – A 2016 Strategy

True, Mr. Obama is a master at luring the ignorant, only now he’s going up-town with his game and the true reckoning will assure a GOP failure in 2016.

It’s all there in black and white (the Budget); key liberal-fascism in the form of play-to-those-with-their-hands out and watch the Republican leadership (and the country) implode as they chase phantoms.

The GOP has now had four weeks to pronounce a go-forward strategy, which they haven’t, while the President keeps them occupied with a plethora of random and equally meaningless drivel. Then again, considering how easy it is to anesthetize 150 million people by occupying them with an event that has absolutely no meaning, absolutely no effect on the outcome of their lives, absolutely no economic benefit to the viewers, and offers no social, physiological or spiritual lift, then why should anyone be surprised to find that Congress is so easily confiscated.

A funny thing happened while you slept!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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