Paris & the Narrative

Make no mistake, the President controls the public policy narrative. In the apparatus of his form of totalitarian governance it is a must and the media willingly accommodates under threat of being ostracized. In the Obama-World you own only what you speak to or confess and nothing more.

Where Paris is concerned the mirror is quite reflective; the reality (Radical Islam) didn’t fit the narrative and so the Administration couldn’t be seen associated with it (not to mention the fact that a majority of leaders in attendance have little if any use for the Obama Administration).

The Administration is wrong in its approach to Muslim extremism. Even if a mere 10 percent of the 1.6 billion Muslims are extreme in their views it is safe to assume that 160 million, in fact, defend this perspective. So with this number in mind, it should be quite easy to understand why the notion of a sudden reformation in Muslim ideology is so absurd.

Consider a brutal recollection of a not so distant history: A majority of Russians were peace-loving and yet it was the minority, the Russian Communists, who murdered an estimated 20 million Russians. China’s population was peace-loving as well and yet the Chinese Communists killed a mind-numbing 70 million. Most pre-WW II Japanese weren’t warmongering savages and yet Japanese militants brutally slaughter 12 Million Chinese. Pre-WW II Germans suffer the same fate as well; Nazi Germany, it is estimated, was responsible for over 30 million deaths.

So you see, the notion of a so-called Peaceful Majority is entirely irrelevant to the issue; there are always the “silent” majority who do absolutely nothing while the fanatics wage a war of total destruction. The solidarity-march in Paris is meaningless to the great risk which, as in the U.S., is completely ignored.

True, the President missed a key and strategic leadership opportunity but then who, really, is surprised. His vision of leadership possesses no lofty or higher-cause component; his is merely a misanthropic narrative of convenience.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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