Pope Francis’ Obama’s Ally of Church & State!

Do you find it a bit ironic that while the President has championed various policy issues impugning the sanctity of faith he has no issue using the Church to advance his own political theology? Has the President now decided to abandon his secular theology, Neo-Ism of State that the Public has been told to believe is the hallmark of a sturdy and enduring democracy? Further, given that Pope Francis has seemingly set aside evangelizing “the word”, has he now become an emissary of Leftist-Activism?

His adaptation to and use of apocryphal notions relating to “Capitalism” and “Climate Change” demonstrates a generous lack of understanding or, at the very least, a rebroadcast of Alinsky-esque manifestos. Frankly, I’m having a difficult time associating the essence of his actions with the substance of Christ-like teachings and I wonder if the extremes of his actions are merely an effort to over-extend his message so that once the push-back arrives, and the tension resolves, that he might (still) land in a plus-positive state. Although I confess this may be a most dubious query.

Still, here in the U.S., where Presidents have historically been cautious if not outright distrustful of the Vatican, it does cause one to question the motives of Mr. Obama particularly due to the fact that he is bereft of tactile sense of intimacy with anyone, particularly humans, let alone a Head of State unless of course the photo-op offers a political advantage. Ah! There it is; political advantage!

The Pope is treading on seriously-dangerous terrain and the damage he might sustain by fumbling about the toxic brine of U.S. Obama-Era Politics is not at all what Catholics expect from their Pope. It’s one thing to advance the cause of Christ’s teaching however, using the Church’s influence to advocate the agenda of another is something quite different.  Second Commandment reads: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” If you understand the scope of this Commandment then you also understand the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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