Sestak – Here’s your Noose!

 Politics is not only a Dirty Business, it is more frequently the exhibition sport akin to “roulette”!


Congressmen Sestak is about to learn one of Politics most prized lesson: “Only speak when you’ve absolutely nothing of value to say!”


On one end of the table you’ve got the master of political-malfeasance, the Obama-Emanuel Brothers.  In the middle, you have a Pennsylvania Senatorial Seat. On the other end, you have the thallic predictability of the consummate poli-chameleon turn-coat, Arlen Specter.  Oh, by the way, let us not forget Patrick Toomey, the Republican candidate for the very same Pa. Senate seat.


Now there’s no denying the fact that the Obama-Emanuel Bros. tossed the bait a-stern of Vice-Admiral Sestak’s ship. Anyone who might suggest otherwise clearly doesn’t follow the grit and grime of high-stakes politics, at these ego price-points prices, you don’t play to loose; certainly not in Chicago-style blood-sport politics.


What will be interesting is how the Obama-Emanuel Bros. manage to slither about the process of damage-control.  Let’s consider a few points:


  1. Obama-Emanual Bros. would have preferred Sestak stay in Congress thereby giving Specter a free pass at Toomey for the simple reason the poli-odds are in his favor to end up with to malleable life forms as Democrats, Sestak “as is” and Specter confirming yet another term as Senator.
  2. Seemed plausible to the O-E Bros. that Sestak would have quietly backed out in favor of the status-quo however, they grossly underestimated their political clout in Pa. and Sestak perceived his own political career more salvageable saddled smartly with the label, Mr. Senator.  Just to inviting for him to pass up!
  3. Specter, of course, is likely fuming that Obama failed to spend the O-E Bros. political clout ($$’s) to aid this faithful servant and in return may very well switch parties, once again (a la Joe Lieberman), splitting the vote in a 3-way sufficiently to hold and extend his 30+ year adventure.


Obama-Emanuel have themselves quite an interesting scenario on their hands:


  1. Do they toss a “staffer” under the bus and by doing so secure deniability?
  2. Do they come clean and offer a tawdry pre-arranged explanation affirmed by Congressmen Sestak?  Or,
  3. Do they somehow persuade Sestak to take the lead and say it was all just one big miss-understanding on his part.

Whatever they decide, and I think they will likely attempt the Sestak “miss-understanding” approach, they’d better move quick before Tom Corbett (Republican), Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania figures out that if Sestak was in Pa., at the time of the original phone call (February 2010),  then he has every right to convene a Grand Jury and subpoena Congressmen Sestak!


The Obama-Emanuel Bros. have made a great many people very, VERY angry with their well-oiled poli-black ops approach to governance and the heat is building rapidly.


Remember, if this issue matures, the alleged crime is a felony! If it doesn’t, then we will all anoint the newest Teflon-President of all time!


“When you define the rules, you also get to define how, when and IF they apply!  It’s not that we don’t want you to know the truth, we want to be sure you know the truth as we see it!”


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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