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Boko Haram & the Tragic Convenience of Outrage

Boko-Haram’s  abduction of more than 200 young girls conceals a far greater tragedy that is indicative of what has become the era of the convenience-as-it-suits facility of U.S. Government Policy. The Public’s perception is built upon outrage and why not after all it is (or should be) our most precious ideal; life and the unalienable right of which we must never surrender!

The question is not whether we as a nation have a duty to assert a defense-of-life campaign; the question is far more disturbing. Why, after decades of tolerating the open and willful slaughter of millions, has the U.S. Government suddenly developed a conscience? Where are the British, Italians and French who’ve for centuries maintained wealth-extraction campaigns, in particular, over much of the North African continent? Why the sudden conscript of urgency?

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