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Justice Scalia; Would He Challenge Senate Majority Leader McConnell?

For most Americans Justice Scalia was an unknown which says much more about the publics lack of reverence for the Constitution than it says about his advocacy. He remains a permanent fixture in the matrix of appropriate juris prudence where the ideal is that despite one’s personal agenda you side with the law and not bend it to suit a temporary indulgence or do you re-write it by unilateral dictate. He recently wrote; “The strikingly unrepresentative character of the body voting on today’s …would be irrelevant if they were functioning  as judges”. Later, in his dissenting view on the issue of Gay Marriage, he wrote “To allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation; no social transformation without representation.”

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