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Jolly Outcome in Florida is NO GOP Victory

Sure thing Alex Sinks, the well-funded and one-time Dem’s Gubernatorial candidate, loss of the 13th District Congressional seat to once-a-DC inside the beltway lobbyist, Republican David Jolly, has Reince Priebus (RNC Chairman) in a total state of delusion.

While it is easy to indulge the intellect, the outcome being simply an anti-Obama agenda victory in reality is something quite different. Former Obama believers who’ve since been repulsed didn’t show and the once thought of DNC traditionalists are now considered center-right moderates and being repulsed by leftist-extremism didn’t show as well. That leaves the hard-left & left of center Dems (who view Obama as compromised) and the angry anti-Obama crowd to punch their respective ballots.

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