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Denny Schaffer Quest Hosts for Michael Smerconish Show – The Year Ahead!

Denny Schaffer’s vibrant and engaging style is the pure essence of live radio at its best. Filling-in for Michael Smerconish’s nationally syndicated show was a fabulous forum for Curtis Greco and host Denny Schaffer to look at The Year Ahead! It was a privilege to be afforded this extraordinary opportunity but then again, this is the DennyRadio way!

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Denny Schaffer of WGKA Radio Atlanta – The Search Continues

Broadcast: November 19, 2010

The Atlanta market is incredibly blessed to have this gentleman in their fair City. He seamlessly blends contemporary whit with lively and provocative discourse. This segment was exhilarating; we covered issues of faith, touched on a few constitutional issues and jobs creation strategies.  A truly remarkable host!

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