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To Err is Human; No Such Privilege Should be Afforded the Courts!

Boundaries, whether in the form of a moral code, a code of covenant/conduct and yes, even Laws, are created to refine, restrict or openly bar certain functions in an attempt to create some measure of survivable order.

While Laws are created to either censure, restrict or outright prohibit certain actions, we must never forget that the Law must never be allowed to restrict or ever dare approach interfering with or even professing the authority to grant a right which is inalienable to you by the mere fact that you are you. These rights are implicit and are never to be explicitly cataloged or confined as it is your domain,restricted only by adverse effects your actions have on another and/or their ability to express their own (rights). The Courts, by the way, have no such privileges, but are bound to the strict and ridged rules of order and jurisdiction.

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