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Turkey, Kurds & Crude Influences

Putin is trying to suggest that the Turkish Government is, by their purchasing of confiscated Iraqi Crude Oil, directly funding ISIS however, he’s neglecting to disclose Russia’s own involvement in the very same scam.

Pipelines carrying both Crude Oil & Natural Gas traverse the entire region with the key  lines (for this specific point), coursing their way ultimately into Turkey or thru Syria and on to their terminals on their Mediterranean coast (or in the case of Turkey, to their own refineries or their re-sale facilities which market energy stock to the E.U.). Do note that many of these pipelines originate in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The problem, for both Russia and Turkey, is that a pipeline out of Iraq (to Turkey) runs thru an area now fully controlled by the Kurds while the other, coming from Iran, is being threatened by both the Kurds and other Insurgent elements.

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