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Ben Rhodes’ Echo Chamber; an Obama Double-Clutch on Hillary?

There’s no doubt that the Obama Media Strategy has been one of bold and brazen blustering mirroring the Goebbels orthodoxy of the Third Reich. True, re-scripting reality is not new to the game of politics however, few could argue rationally that the current Administration hasn’t waged a relentless war against truth-in-advertising, their comprehensive game of fib-o-rama notwithstanding.

But why now? Why was Ben Rhodes unleashed from the Obama-over-all-else collar of organizational deference? This is not a coincidental or rogue event; there’s a strategic reason for Rhodes’ actions. Could it be that the Administration is losing control over the FBI email inquiry? Could the Rhodes leak be merely an initial seeding of various, yet to be named, Clinton State Department misrepresentations and misdeeds aimed at isolating her culpability?

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