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FBI Backs-Off Apple But…! Will the Fourth Amendment survive the digital-age?

As Law Enforcement works to expand its tool-box, the standing of one’s sacred and constitutionally-protected right of personal privacy becomes a relic in the post-constitutional age.

The false-argument suggesting that one surrenders their privacy once having entered the public-domain completely sets aside the fundamentals; the origins of the data and the fact that without that originating force the data would not exist. If patent law protects and preserves the “maker” of protected “property” then how is it that the same standard isn’t equally applicable to you? Conforming law to suit the demands of government, at the expense of individual liberties, has become the norm and the publics indifference to the occurrence is itself proof that government has won the re-education war.

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U.S. Government Negotiating Away Your Privacy Rights

The government’s continuous assault on a person’s Fourth Amendment rights continues; while the hunt for the fleeting illusion of State Security blunders forward, Privacy Rights continue to suffer.

The U.S. Government is now, believe it or not, working on an agreement with the U.K. that would allow their authorities to serve wiretap orders directly on U.S. communications companies. This agreement would open, to non-U.S. jurisdiction and outside the domestic due-process regiment, all manner of data including, but not limited to, emails (including archived), live communications, GPS data etc.

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