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Rubio: Poll Tested Ambiguity!

If you don’t like what you’ve got then you best do something more likely to get you closer to what you need!

The problem with Rubio is that his poll-tested script, like the other mainstream Republicans, is tied to an umbilical cord so short, and deliberately so, they never stray far from a regime of incoherent thought. They’re forced to spend most of their time attempting to be discretely ambiguous and yet remain provocatively benign.

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TIMF E-Op No: 5 – Banking’s Hidden Cost

The industry of Banking has been around, in one form or another, since mankind took a liking to the merchant trade. Merchants, in ancient times, quickly realized that they could enhance their economic standing by generating additional income from their stored (banked) profits by making loans to farmers or traders whose business was to bring goods from distant lands. The critical point to remember, as we move forward, is that these early Merchant Bankers used their own profits to make loans. 

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