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TIMF E-Op No: 5 – Banking’s Hidden Cost

The industry of Banking has been around, in one form or another, since mankind took a liking to the merchant trade. Merchants, in ancient times, quickly realized that they could enhance their economic standing by generating additional income from their stored (banked) profits by making loans to farmers or traders whose business was to bring goods from distant lands. The critical point to remember, as we move forward, is that these early Merchant Bankers used their own profits to make loans. 

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Debt Ceiling Limit: The Cover Story

At the moment, media coverage of the proposed Debt Ceiling Limit increase has taken back stage to the events in Egypt, Obama apparently kicking his smoking-habit and various other mindless up-to-the-minute news snippets. For this reason, I suspended further commentary on the subject until the subject reemerged. Well, at least until today! 

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The Numbers Lie

“And then, something that once was, once altered has now become something else.”  

The tablature of musical arrangements animates a distinct set of tones strategically arranged to orchestrate a melody one that when played, produces a predictable tune.  Anyone with a talent for music expects that when they play this arrangement, they will reproduce the same tune. However, change one note, one phrase or meter and the piece and the effort becomes something entirely different. 

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