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Governor Walker’s Ride On the GOP Roulette

While Rudy Giuliani will tell you that local success won’t give you national appeal, George “W” illustrates how deep pockets can buy you a Presidency. Somewhere in the middle of all this is the core of a much needed indictment of presidential politics; Issues vs. Money, Hype vs. Substance.

The shape of presidential politics is a wound of Party-Politics own making and of a Publics submission to it. The acceptance of a structure that allows for building a platform of glitter driven solely to a media-complex whose allegiance is to ratings and the data-push of polling data that cycles back to Campaign H.Q. for just-in-time platform re-configuration. The deeper your pockets the better your Political Apparatus (Campaign structure) and the better your chances are of polling plus-positive and as Hillary’s standing proves, you can survive the worst of it so long as you don’t run out of money!

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