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Kentucky U.S. District Judge; a Lesson in Separation of Church and State

Today marks a critical juncture where this nation’s departure, away from its founding principles, illustrates just how far distortions, when left unchallenged, progress to the point where there is not-a-one left standing. To believe this is about LGBT Rights is to believe in totalitarian rule. To believe this is all about “choice” is to believe that it’s righteous to shoot any human being, for any reason, simply because possessing a loaded gun gives you that right.
Reckless, arrogant and self-indulgent humans are not entitled to reckless, arrogant and self-indulgent behavior without consequence and no law will ever void the effects of their behavior. What is lost in the cacophony of spinelessness are two very simple truths:
(1) The imposition of the recent Supreme Court ruling illustrates precisely what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution swore to prevent.
(2) Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, is yet another victim in what is just beginning to be an expanding imposition of central governance where courts & politicians defecate on this most important provision (First Amendment) of the U.S. Constitution without which no Constitutional provision can survive. Not A One!
To believe that the law sanctifies all actions is to hold the animus of human impulse above Devine or Natural Law and this is, as well, a principle that lives throughout the Federalist Papers and as such throughout this nation’s founding documents. I dare say that it is worthy to consider what form of government would have occurred had the Founders of this once great nation followed the thallic, malignant and equally defiant model of self-indulgent impulse where no one ideal survives in an environment where one is viewed as temporally inconvenient.
The Federal Government has absolutely NO business addressing social issues and/or micro-trending lore; these, if at all, are appropriately left to the States themselves. And regardless of what the black-robed dimwits might say or assert there is no standing for the application, in this instance, of the “due process” or “equal protection” clauses or are they even remotely, unless deliberately ravaged of all reason, foundationally relevant.
I acknowledge, faithfully, the ideals of freedom and liberty espoused by this nation’s founding documents however to contort and manipulate these in order to accommodate the will of a few is not unlike ripping out your tongue simply because you have no appetite for liver & onions! Now, in this nation, the price of tolerance is rapidly pushing the boundaries of what will ultimately become intolerable. If the American people ever awaken from their coma and realize their plight is directly related to situational opportunism they will then (also) have only their silence to blame.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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