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Bush: Hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest!

A fabulous Paul Simon lyric giving texture to the meaningless and the mindless. Leadership is meeting people where they are and drawing them an uplifting picture meant to familiarize them with the remarkably possible.

Bush, like and as with the custom of his political peers, won’t risk being a standout on leadership terms instead opting for the mediocre undertow of targeted ambiguity. The distinction being, if one is willing to endure Fox News (Megyn Kelly) interview of the former Florida Governor you’ll observe the process in action. How common it has become for political speak to deliver absolutely no inspiring/compelling message whatsoever. As if reading from the same political survivor handbook, Bush, like Clinton, believes they can appeal to the Voter thru attrition; outlasting their incredible weaknesses by regulating media access.

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