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Will Bergdahl knows Military Justice?

Good question however the answer is “no” and here’s why:

  1. The Bergdahl affair was a calculated attempt by the Obama Administration to put, as they refer, “points on the board” with the hope of showing some form of Foreign Policy success and to take public focus away from the many scandals.
  2. Obama never considered the fall-out of his actions specifically as it relates to the security risks (clearly a Foreign Policy pendulum) and the massive blow-back from the Military (and I don’t mean the paper pushing politically-attached military) who would have Bergdahl, and perhaps the President, tarred and feathered.
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Civilian, Military & Conflict

It is somewhat serendipitous that the blunders of General Stanley McCrystal should surface at the present time.  As a point of interest, they are profoundly emblematic of this Country’s internal conflicts both as to form and function.  We have lost our National sense of clarity as to both of these, that is, as to form and function.  In other words,  what is our form of government and to what extent is it intended to function.


Thomas Jefferson, in his first inaugural address (1801) may provide a bit of understanding on the subject:


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