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CNN – GOP Debate

Trump may be polling well however, his rise is not built on substance, but on the weakness (save for Dr. Carson) of the competition. As in the case with the Dem’s where the rise of the not so Outside-Insider Sanders is largely attributable to the unelectable Clinton.

Trump has been able to succeed with base Bluster-Messaging while most of the remaining GOP waste-away in the media shadows. Understanding that Trump has avoided offering policy positions as targets for his opponents to shoot at, sooner or later substance will have to emerge from the shallows of non-competition. The CNN debate could very well be the scene were the likes of Rubio, Paul, Christie and Bush try to take a bite out of Trump (no, Fiorina is far too savvy for a televised head-to-head with Trump) or perhaps even Jindal-Jab him.

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