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Establishments Latest Carcass is Rep. Paul Ryan!

Let’s be clear; free and open trade is a good thing for any functional free-market economy which by its nature requires, just to name a few, fluid capital and investment funded development, adaptive productive capacity, pro-generative intellectual capacity, domestically deferential legal & regulatory order and a skilled/capable work-force equitably compensated.
Now then, as Rep. Ryan has become the more conspicuous outlet for the Free-Trade-Open Border-Domestic Harvesting-Establishment’s talking-points it is completely evident that he hasn’t a clue as to what he’s talking about and ignorant of the fact that none of the very same arguments used to support previous trade agreements/promises have never come to fruition, e.g., increased jobs, increased economic status and so on. It is true that Multi-Nationals have had stunning performance outcomes from trade agreements most dramatically since Bill Clinton’s WTO/GATT of the early 1990’s however, the “jobs of the future” promised then, as now, will never materialize and for one very good reason which is that the massive economic growth has been almost entirely in two sectors: Financial Institutions and Imported Consumer Products. Both of which offer no domestic over-growth potential and this is due to the fact that Financial Institutions which bank on the exchange of capital exclusively driven by and dependent upon inflationary-forces and the other, Consumer Products, merely consume wealth; they do not create it.
Sure, 1 in 5 jobs created may be attributable to trade deals however when you consider that they are located in either of these two sectors then what value do they offer to the overall domestic economic system?  The answer is quite simple: ZERO! In fact, when you consider that government has now become the most-favored-tool for filling the economic void – evidenced by 51.7 percent of the American public receiving some form of government assistance – it is easy to understand why the economic decline continues to accelerate.
Here’s what is taking place before your very eyes: The Banking System in the midst of perfecting its international hold and doing so in order to preserve its economic hegemony and, along with its various industry related accomplices, composed the global multi-national modeling-myth including the various fantasy non sequiturs so as to make it all seem an inevitable necessity. Intuitively, of course, you know it’s a fraud; all you have to do is look at your savings account, the down-grading of your economic outlook, the non-productive level of college graduates, decaying infrastructure, drop in homeownership and so on and so on.
All of this begs the following question:  If trade deals are so good for the American Public then why is it there is no single indication that the American public has benefited from them, Rep. Ryan? The response to this question, inevitably, is typically something having to do with “…the public benefits from cheaper prices” which of course is a horrifically weak response given that with no alternative from which to measure by comparison the only viable answer made available becomes the only choice from which to choose.
The reason Paul Ryan, not unlike a majority of the House and/or Senate, speak as they do is they haven’t the capacity of discrimination-by-contrast from which to know that the rhetoric they are spewing is only because they’ve not pursued alternatives apart from the only choice they’ve been given and that’s no choice at all!
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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