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Were it Anyone but Clinton!

Being a large part of the permanent government, the State Department, it is very difficult for most to even begin to grasp the depth and expanse of the secrets and clandestine ops this massive bureaucracy orchestrates. Given its size and many entrails, how easily it conceals much of what it does. Clinton’s defense that others before her have done no less (concealing communications and mishandling of classified information) is likely true, but then why in Hillary’s case is it becoming so conspicuous?
The answer is very simple: Hillary Clinton will not see nomination’s light of day. Someone (likely the Executive Branch or affiliate) we know not who, is doing something we know not what for an ulterior purpose that is not readily apparent. It may be (partially) the case that someone doesn’t want another Clinton in the White House and yet I believe it is much more serious than that. I’m near certain that it has to do with information that Hillary has that she’s threatened to use to fend off a political attack or that it has finally been determined that Hillary and Bill are just too deeply mixed up in far too many deceptions that they must be caged once and for all.
Were it anyone but the Clinton’s the solution would have been quite simple, after all look how easy the Kennedy or MLK threat was neutralized. Like the Clinton’s, Nixon and LBJ before him, Obama strategy has been to control by using the tool of compromise and you can see the effect of this on Congress; both sides of Congress are so heavily compromised that they’ve become meaningless and ineffective. Up until now the Clinton’s have stayed the threat of opposition largely because of what they know however, this leverage is quickly turning against them.
I’m now more convinced than ever that if Joe Biden decides to pass on the nomination, John Kerry will take up the banner and run with it which explains, perhaps, why Obama is in full attack mode bent on stuffing the Iran Nuke Deal down the throat of Congress.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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