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And Then There Where 7? Fair Trade On-Point!

The most important message to come out of Thursday night’s Republican debate waited until (near) the very end; the subject was Trade and how only one individual on that stage seemed to grasp the topic and provide a commanding response.

But first, a foundation: Trade should never be a political or politicized apparatus; when it is, it’s no longer Free-Trade but political-leverage. Economy (the concept of) is a national order however its durability/sustainability is purely local and for this reason Trade must support a National Economy precisely because it is built on local demand/capacity. The ONLY type of trade, occurring with another country can and is only domestically beneficial if it furthers the durability/sustainability of the domestic economy; end of story. (Side Bar: By the way, the concept of Comparative Advantage exists only in conceptual terms and not in practical reality.)

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