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A Story About A Lie

Hitler’s key henchmen, Dr. Goebbels, learned from an American, Edwin Bernays, that an unsuspecting population can be effectively managed with one very simple tactic: shame. Shame wrapped in a self-affirming accusation is deadly to a culture of conscience which is, itself, becoming uncertain about its foundation, its substantive reasoning. Example: The American People are being tortured by the statement that “there is a humanitarian crisis at the boarder” and of course, if you disagree, you are by default deemed in-humane; how very convenient.
Whether on the subject of an alleged “War on Women”, “Race Baiting”, “making the world safe for democracy”, “everyone deserves Healthcare”, the various iterations of “Common Good” theologies to just about any impulse-driven provocation, the Lie is at the helm.
The U.S. has endured many dangerous Heads-of-State however, with respect to the current occupant, the Lie has had its coming out party and the evidence is seen in his effective polarization of Congress (the Voice of the People). It has become so uncertain as to its own foundational purpose, it has been shamed into inaction. If Hillary Clinton, or perhaps worse, an Elizabeth Warren, both students of the elliptical attributes of the Lie, were ever to occupy the White House the conversion toward apathetic reasoning will take an even more divisive course.  God will not help a people who refuse to help themselves!
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: The fact is that the humanitarian crisis exists in the immigrant’s home country; it has simply, by convenience of the Administration, moved to the display case that is the southern border of the U.S. The Governments job is to secure the border and to process a lucid immigration policy that is deferential to Sovereign American People (not Multi-National Corporate America) and then universally apply it.
It is important to remember the distinction; the humanitarian crisis has been drawn to the American boarder; the border is not the cause of it; every Nation that has contributed to the migration either by allowing it or enabling the mechanization of it is responsible. It is not the burden of the American people en masse however, if you or your Fraternal, Religious, Social or Political Egalitarian Organization want to tend to these folks then have at it; let’s just see how conscientious these folks are when they’re spending their own time and money and not someone else’s.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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