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Iran Side Deals Exposes a Dangerous Deception!

I’ve long expected that Obama brought Iran to the table using “side bar” agreements; one for public consumption and the other(s) concealed.  My suspicions are now validated with Iran openly admitting that there are a series of side agreements outside of the “inked deal” made directly with IAEA. These side-bar agreements cover concessions made relating to the Parchin (reactor) Military complex, critical inspection protocols, fissionable material (storage), ballistic technologies and development programs.
These agreements are not available for review by the U.S. which is defiantly contrary to the agreement made by the Obama Administration with U.S. Congress last May. Regardless of what Congress does, one thing is for certain: the Administration has assured the planet that war in the Middle-East is inevitable and there’s a near certainty it will involve nuclear weapons. As we know from history; you must never doubt a regimes capacity for mindless and incomprehensible extremes.
Obama not only proves this statement, he has established the foundation by which fanaticism will most assuredly expand upon it. The rabid damning of this and other Nations’ future is reckless beyond any measure of reason. The U.S. must not only back out of the deal that accommodates the expansion of nuclear technologies, but also those that endorse any kind of fanatical extremists. Do NOT release the Iranian Frozen Assets and implement a full-scale effort aimed directly at sanctioning the Iranian Regime. Period!
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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