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Carried-Interest Acquires Favor

Governor Kasich suggests that “changing the incentives for investment and risk-taking” is akin to socialism while others assail elimination of this special treatment equivalent to a tax-increase which the GOP views as counter to republican orthodoxy.

Typically this tax-advantaged treatment occurs in the case of Fund Managers who receive, in the form of compensation, an equity share in the very fund(s) they manage. These “funds” distribute their gains (to their equity participants/investors) which are normally taxed at Long-Term Capital Gain rates. The Fund Manager’s claim is that since their compensation is in the form of an equity interest their distributed gain should be similarly taxed at the more favorable long-term capital gains rate; so far they’ve successfully defended this position using several scurrilous arguments, the primary one being similar to that offered by Gov. Kasich.

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Season’s Ripe for an Economic Candidate!

Considering that the U.S. Economy has been in a near 30 year (there’s support for stating it goes back to 1970) death spiral you’d think that a Presidential candidate would have had ample time to craft a compelling economic plan as part of their platform. The obvious target is the Tax System however, you really can’t deal with that until you deal with trade policy that suspends portions of the tax code where the beneficial interests of the multi-nationals are concerned (of course no candidate would dare tell you that truth).

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