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Lame Ducks Danger

Regardless of tomorrows election outcome there will be little in the form of penitence for those who will be forced to surrender their positions and little relief for the voting public. If Hillary wins the reason and cause for the publics contempt for Government will continue and deepen.

If Donald wins rest assured, he will face a system that though it claims to be representative of the Peoples Will, still remains tethered to vested interests who prefer they keep their place.

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Lose with Cruz!

Yes, mathematically Cruz could still receive the required Delegate Count, statistically though he has a less than 9.6 percent chance (taking into account the statistical calcs on to-date wins and delegate accumulations by Trump). The Bush-Clan is hard at work soiling the Convention and this can be seen thru the manner in which their super-pacs are recasting their image of Trump, their support of Cruz, the re-birth of the sniveling Mitt Romney, their pre-canvasing of state-by-state delegates and their working to alter Convention Rules even prior to the seating (at the Convention) of Delegates.

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