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President Obama’s mantra has been centered on the collective mythology; uniform application of government force will create uniformity in outcome. Intuitively, one understands that this is an absurd notion and for one very simply reason; there is no or has there ever been uniform conformity, most specifically as to outcome, amongst humans. Now then, it follows that the President clearly is repulsed by militarism believing that the collective mythology’s a far more desirable mechanism for soothing-out conflict. The construct of reality created by the adoption of these mythologies is a pure form of Naiveté and here’s why (they also serve as valuable lessons):
(1) The mythology is completely unaware or ignorant of the Systemic Order already in place.
(2) That the Systemic Order finds the myth laughable and will use it as a tool to further their own objectives.
(3) While it takes very few Conformists to create mass-chaos their lore fails to account for a simple truth: chaos is not conformity it’s actually a repudiation of it.
(4) The Myth is always defeated by the fact that, by design, humanity fails in the presence of enforced-conformity; being drawn to an ideal is far different than being forced at gunpoint.
Here’s the great Danger: Due to the Presidents Naiveté, the lessons will need to be re-learned.  The EU’s (most conspicuously, at the moment, Britain) experimentation with collective mythology is an immediate example of the danger where, at the moment, it has been determined that there are more British Militants fighting with ISIS than there are British Muslims in their Armed Services (self-destruction).
For Americans the price of silence, a form of conformance, is that the door of alternative-response-options is about to be slammed shut and, given that Mr. Obama is ill-equipped to outmaneuver the Systemic Order, their decision to force-engagement will proceed toward full-spectrum-dominance unless the American People object; absolutely object!
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: Yes, a case could be made that the U.S. MUST engage in cleaning up the Middle-East but we must first consider the origins of and U.S. State’s contribution to the problem. Is the Islamist Jihad a function of U.S. involvement (or that of the British/French/Italians beforehand) or was the emergence of Muslim Extremism (of course it’s unclear whether Muslims would acknowledge components of the Koran as a source of/for extremism) inevitable?
In the world as it presently is there appears to be little argument that whatever the mechanisms responsible for the craft being driven so far off course might be the fact is that it IS. Regardless of the what-should-have been preferences one fundamental truth must never be forgotten: extremism, in all forms, is non-responsive to pseudo academic mythologies and missives; it understands and responds to one thing and one thing only: Blunt force trauma.
In the synthetic point-n-click world of impulse-driven ambiguity touchy-feely mythologies do seem rational and achievable however this is simply the result of adopting and adapting to the mechanism of indifference. After all you can trash-talk someone with a text message without fear that they will show up at your door with a baseball bat (how uncivilized) even though, as a public service, you might actually be in need of a good butt-whooping. 
Most Americans (and many Euro’s) live an illusion and either forget or are too young to remember what the world was like without the synthetics and action was met with the absolute of consequence and ambiguity was getting two of the same baseball players in the same 10 cent “Topps”  card pack. Call it what it is and deal with it or continue to play a game of “touch” with a guy wielding a scimitar and see where it gets you! That’s all.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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