The Fantasy of Parsing Boundaries in a Secular-World!

When will the allegations of depraved activity stop? Simple answer: when the open-boundaries fueling both the act itself, and then its tolerances, are closed.

When will women be totally emancipated and unburdened by this oppressive order? When they no longer believe that oppression offers an advantage, when they no longer assume that being a Woman is, on its own, a burden and that together each of these features, among all other permutations, are exclusive to women.

The fact is there is a very loose bit of reasoning going on here, a sort of chimerical lunacy, a lyrical pixie-dust spewing forth from the entrails of the secular world. On one hand most want the liberties associated with an openly situationally-convenient order and yet, as a matter of convenience on the occasion where the open-order of lunacy serves-up the stinging pulse of its unacceptable flair, we then selectively invoke the underworld sanctuary, in self-righteous victim-hood protest, of the non-secular absolutes.

I was raised in a family of ten children; I have eight sisters and when you add to that count my Mother, that makes nine Women! For this reason, if only, I know what I’m talking about when I assert that Women are not less opportunistic than are their male counterpart and I’ll go even further; Women are more keenly aware of and far more consciously adept at applying every aspect of their facilities toward achieving their goal than are their male counterparts who will typically trend toward reliance on bravado, and occasionally stealth, than substance. Further, a Women possess a substantive advantage that no man can match; the ability to simultaneously express and invoke an emotional appeal/response in an authoritative manner that no Man dare without risking his “be a man” -liness which societal norms ordain to be an intolerable condition for a Man and just one of the many duplicities of the Secular-World.

Whenever the implicit boundaries of the non-secular are removed what is left is nothing short of an order-of-chaos; “I want what I want and with it I demand freedom from consequence” where the result, ironically enough, is a social structure rife with the chaos of ambivalence. When one uses the standards established by this order and you become a part of it and/or choose to play within its arena then you must understand that you are playing on its terms of chaotic-ambivalence and the consequence of no-consequence that comes with it; there are no exceptions to this rule.

Now then, with the above preamble in mind, it is appropriate for us to query the matter a bit further; Is the theater of Politics any different? Absolutely not and in many ways, it is a spawning-paradise for the self-indulgent and secular weakling who find it liberating to indulge themselves with a “this is how it’s done” ruling and the protection this operational order offers; for when power corrupts it does indeed corrupt with absolute unanimity. Does this alter-reality-order then make nearly any behavior, suddenly, reasonable? Does it make it acceptable for the variety of abuses to take place regardless of where you operate? Should we, even, be appalled that it does? Perhaps the better question is: Should we be surprised that they do given that the environment itself has progressively devolved into a dominantly secular environment? After all, if you’re going to hang around pigs doing what pigs do particularly when left to their own devices shouldn’t one expect to get splattered by their mud; it’s not the pigs fault, it’s what pigs do!

The Secular-World will never impugn itself, the idea is an anathema to its paradigm. It’s graphically important to understand the point I’m intending to make here; there are no “grey” areas although the temptation of the secular-notion is a tantalizing form of bribery baiting each of us into believing that there are (grey areas) and even more so that there should be as many as your delirious mind might imagine.

The Intelligent-Design of the Universe is built on the order-of-structure constantly expanding on a predetermined trajectory all in accordance with its Designer’s intention; imperfections, anomalies and their associate forms of imbalance are appropriately countered, i.e., the perfecting action, so that the consequential-effect of the creative action occurs, the Creator’s-Creation continuously expanding and positively so in an ever-perfecting manner. Similarly, for us, the process is no different and for this reason there can only be, in fact, a consequential effect both for what we do and for what we fail to do and there are no exceptions regardless of what we think. And yes, even for the non-secular ideologues, the very same rules apply.

Our pain or burden will continue so long as we indulge the adversarial renderings of the secular vs. non-secular world and for one very basic reason; it is impossible for the two to coexist in a rational environment and tinkering around the edges with its inherent anomalies, which is all that is presently happening, is only to prove how monumentally imbalanced the whole of our thinking and our actions have become; both Women and Men. One might even think of this whole affair as being part of the process we must process-thru, the rebalancing of the imbalance (the “perfecting action”), that we must resolve so that we can take-up our rightful place in the Creator’s-Creation continuously expanding and positively so in an ever-perfecting manner. For now though, it appears that we will continue to toy with the tug-of-war between the Secular and the Non-Secular believing that the failure lies in the actions of one without the other. That somehow action and reaction are somehow distinctly unrelated which of course, you intuitively know, is pure lunacy.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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