The Silent Race; Are You Stirring?

Is there a growing contempt for race-baiting? Are we nearing critical-mass on the hypocrisy of defining a conflict purely on the basis of race? Is it possible that we are nearing a time when we can distinguish between the right to be discriminating and the totalitarian regime of thought whose objective is to debase an entire people by frenetic-proxy in order to define them into manageable herds? By filling the mind with microbial fodder purely for political advantage and control; the advantage of “them” vs. “us” when the outcome of which is near total social-polarity!

The plight of America is best observed by its regard for the individual and its constraint and repudiation of authoritarian power.The recognition and reverence for fostering the nobility of one’s independence while simultaneously rejecting the abuse of co-dependent influence who pray for a frenzy upon which they might feed. Ferguson, Mo. illustrates the great internal conflict taking place all over this Nation and the provocation will continue until such time as the Silent Race speaks with unanimous resolve.

For now let’s call it what it is shall we: The Poverty of Politically-Driven Social Dis-Integration. The System isn’t broken; those who “game” it do so because The People tolerate it in silence.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: Appearing this morning on several radio broadcasts a few callers commented on this post; “…your comment is so racist!”

All I can say is this: Ignorance is nearing pandemic levels; Racists! Here’s an example of a mind filled with politicized “microbial fodder” and one that appears incapable of thinking on and over and issue with any element of clarity. Let me digress for a moment; sure there is racism in this Country but such is the case with every other country on the planet, in every State, in every locale; it’s a function of the human condition, hell, there’s racism in every African Nation!

The real distinction of race is not whether or not it exists but whether or not it is endorsed as a matter of State Policy or Action. Nowhere on the planet has a Nation been more deliberate on matters of race than here in the U.S. and this is a fact.  No, back to the issue which I’ll pitch as a question: Given the murder rate in Chicago, New York, the recent shootings of 3 young girls in Maryland, the pallor of mayhem along our Southern Boarder and so on ask yourself this question; why is Ferguson, Mo. the focal point?  Is it because it suits a political narrative?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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