Troubled Waters for E.U. Mirrored in the U.S.

Economic turmoil, social disorder, unchecked immigration and out-of-control fiscal policy all managed by a tyrannical bureaucracy; sounds like the U.S. does it not? As is always the case where the appetite of the megalomaniacal is merged with the processes of governance, failure is predictable, as here in the U.S., it was inevitable for the sovereign States of Europe to tempt their own fate. As Shakespeare’s many metaphors possess a wonderful record of accuracy once again “what’s past is prologue.”

Governments fail largely because they fall gravely behind the “read” of the public’s mood. Intoxicating the people with the government teat of seemingly endless and effortless gratuities works only for a time, The political overachiever, wanting to amass control by masking the ever-intoxicating hubris of power with the illusion of civil-service ultimately succumbs to their glutinous palette and the entire system collapses under the weight of its own illusions; from both ends.

Corporate E.U. is, and it’s no different here, fighting for its life against the inimitable and inviolable law of sound governance. Sound governance is the maintenance and preservation of the parameters thru which order can only occur however, government can never be permitted to be the engine of order, that is the specific domain of the consenting governed who themselves are conscripted to a moral compass articulating the Order-of-the-Ideal common to all. It is this moral compass in operation that checks the potential of abhorrent government.

Abhorrent government is not only contrary to the Sovereign and Devine Rights of Man, it is never willingly reversed. The People, at this point, tepid state of ire; their discontent is only a slight and unfocused tremor, a yet to be disciplined understanding not quite willing to grasp that they’ve latched on to the intoxicating teat of abhorrent government and that by doing so they’ve stripped their compass of both its capacity and its bearing.

The mirror remains fogged and though the present Order of Governance is vulnerable its sphere of brutality is not to be underestimated or will it go quietly.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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