Trump Leashed to Putin? Or is it Trump Trapped by his own Intelligence & Security Services?

The allegations of Russia meddling in elections is nothing more than a ruse, fodder fed to the American barnyard to keep them fat, dumb and ignorant. Fact is that there is far more political, economic and election meddling for the benefit of Mexico than there ever is/was for Russia – including the Lend-Lease era and still none cumulatively greater than the British though I confess, the Chinese are quickly climbing that ladder and yet nearly the entire democratic party does the bidding for Mexico with barely a peep out of anyone! Notice how those Countries that are, actively and at present, representing the greatest threat to this Country and how the political actives remain silent and yet become brutally vocal on the subject of Russia even to the point of (even) stirring the ire of John McCain long enough to issue one of his notably peevish remarks.

Trump is very close to breaking the truth about the “Russia Collusion” narrative and the mouthpieces are terrified by it; they’re terrified of what Putin may be telling him. Yes indeed, what did happen to the DNC Servers and why did the FBI never pursue them? What ever happened to Debbie Wasserman Schultz & her Pakistani Programmer who suddenly disappeared? Was it because the FBI figured out that the programmer was hard-coding IP addresses into the hacked DNC computers in an attempt to make the breach look to have been from a Russian source? Is the reason (likely) the FBI backed off because they learned that Schultz’ Pakistani friend’s effort was a failure and that he left his fingerprints all over the drive? This discovery would be a very good explanation for the sudden family tarmac get together between Bill and AG Lynch! Further, why was Hillary’s protective response, to her own hardware, so virulent if indeed they were personal emails? Understanding how to detect and expose critical information oftentimes is, to be sure, seemingly counter intuitive, and yet, it is precisely because the art of redirection is one of the most efficient ways of covering tracks; that by reversing the process, can be such an effective tool for detecting the slight of hand.

Today, while watching the smirk on Putin’s face I couldn’t help but think of what his own comparative analysis might be. He’s thinking (about Trump) “…you poor bastard, what I couldn’t accomplish with the U.S. out of the way but then what would Russia be without the U.S.? Who would we steal our future from? You, Mr. Trump, are surrounded by a nation of political whores that will no sooner sell you down the drain as they would happily arrange for an untimely drive past the Texas School Book Depository. You’re blocked by a media complex that deliberately misinforms the Public; a Public that is more interested in sports scores than the future of their Country. Your Intelligence Services, your FBI and your Justice Department are clear that you know what they’ve done, you know who and how it was done and you’re powerless to do anything about it and even if you were ready to put your fortune and your family in the cross-hairs it’s doubtful the outcome would be worth the price you’d be paying for it.”

Yes, Julianne Assange and Putin know the truth about the Clinton Crew, John McCain, James Clapper, Brennan and their minions who bit at the opportunity to bleach the Country of its freedom of self-determination. Yes, the threat was from the inside and Putin can’t believe how easily it was done!

This, my friends is the REAL STORY…

The Russian threat has nothing to do with meddling in U.S. Elections, it’s what the Russians know about the Soft-Coup that was being orchestrated to prevent Trump from winning and once he won to make it appear that he stole the election with the help of his handler, Vladimir Putin. Even worse is the fact that Jeff Sessions took the almost unimaginable move to sanction himself from the “Russian Investigation” which pretty much assures Trump that he’s on his own. This, my friends is the REAL STORY, this is what Trump is wrestling with and you’d better pray he finds a way to out these bastards before he’s run out of office. You want a reason to march on Washington? This is about as good a reason as you’ll ever see!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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